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Upgrade your stlye and personalize your wardrobe!

Upgrade your wardrobe with the right colors! It’s never been easier! If you are struggling with find your own color palette or the versatile, timeless pieces that fit to your own lifestyle, get the Color and Style eBook!

Before you start spending money on clothes you should know what colors will look on you harmonious.

With the Color and Style eBook, you can not only discover your best colors, but you can personalize your wardrobe with the comprehensive, detailed guides!

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The eBook provides an informative and helpful guide to building a functional and lovable wardrobe which matches your color type.

Dressing and shopping can be stressful. You may feel overwhelmed by the many choices. You need outfits to feel confident, sophisticated and comfortable and colors to make you shine and express your personality. The Color and Style eBook will help you focus on specific colors that suit you and add an unique and personal touch.

The ebook is available for all 12 types!

Now with extra beauty pages!

With haircolor, lipstick, blush and eyeshadow charts and product recommendations!

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12 season color analysis
12 season color analysis book
Light Summer Color Type
Light Summer Color Palette
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Light Summer Wardrobe
12 season color analysis
12 season color analysis book
True Summer Color Type
True Summer Color Palette
True Summer Celebrities
True Summer Wardrobe
12 season color analysis
12 season color analysis book
Soft Summer Color Type
Soft Summer Color Palette
Soft Summer Celebrities
Soft Summer Wardrobe